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Auctions : Storey Wrecker : Tulsa, OK : 918-585-5571
What do you need to get your items released?

What do you need to get your items released?




Tulsa, OK Map

11222 E Pine St
Tulsa, OK 74166

Tulsa, OK Map

775 N Redbud Ave #H
Broken Arrow, OK 74133

          Tulsa Storey 1925 N Sheridan Rd    &    Broken Arrow Storey  775 N. Redbud.

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No person under the age of 16 is allowed in the auction. A photo ID is required for admission. You must have a bid number to enter the auction yard; the bid number must be visible to the auction staff at all times.

Payments for all purchases are due by 5:00pm the day of the auction, NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies to the regular bidders also. If your purchases are not paid by 5:00pm your bidding privileges are suspended for 1 year, (second offense results in permanent suspension.) Management has the right to suspend bidding rights permanently.

Method of payment: we accept CASH ONLY.

All bids are FINAL. No vehicles will be dropped from purchases made. Should you question the bid, stop the auctioneer immediately, before the sale of the next item. Partial payments can not be accepted on your total bill of sale. At the end of the auction of all items, gates will be closed to the public for one hour, or until 1PM.

You must have a paid receipt to pick up your purchases and to get back on the lot after the auction. Pick up time is 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, closed noon to one pm for lunch. If your vehicles are not removed from the lot by 5pm Friday following the sale you must take your Bill of Sale to the front window of Storey Wrecker and pay to have your vehicle released, $19.53 per day storage fee, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you need keys made a Locksmith will be on site the day of the sale. The locksmith is not an employee of Storey Wrecker Service, Inc. and you must pay him directly.



The name and address on your sign in form to obtain your bidder number is VERY IMPORTANT this is the name and address used to title your vehicle. Make certain that you write legibly. Any changes we have to make will have a fee of $20. Make sure to use a permanent address due to the length of time to receive an approved Title 42 document. If Title 42 documents are lost the charge is $60 to replace.

Title 42 documents are necessary to obtain a title, unless stated for salvage only; the cost is $75 per vehicle. Processing time is approximately two to twelve weeks.DO NOT make changes to the vehicle until you have received an approved Title 42.

These vehicles are not street legal until you’ve taken your approved title 42 to a tag agency and obtained a registration. If you are caught driving the vehicle before that you will risk having the vehicle impounded, and Storey has no responsibility in assisting you in getting your vehicle out of impound.

SW does not guarantee the year, make and model of the vehicles being sold. Tags on a vehicle may not be issued to that vehicle. All vehicles are sold “AS IS”, all bids are final. There is no warranty of any kind extended to anyone.

SW is not responsible for damages to your vehicle or the contents after the auction. SW is not responsible for accidents or injuries that might occur to you during or after the auction. We are not responsible for accidents, injury, damages, or loss as a result of operating any vehicle purchased at our auction. SW retains the right to bid on any item offered on the block.

Storey Wrecker
1925 N Sheridan Rd  Tulsa,OK 74115