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Testimonials : Storey Wrecker : Tulsa, OK : 918-585-5571
What do you need to get your items released?

What do you need to get your items released?




Tulsa, OK Map

11222 E Pine St
Tulsa, OK 74166

Tulsa, OK Map

775 N Redbud Ave #H
Broken Arrow, OK 74133


"Your driver was so helpful and professional and made my bad situation even better”
Chris Tuter


“I was very pleased with the service that was rendered by your company, my vehicle was up on blocks and your driver had no problem getting my vehicle to where it was going and even put my vehicle nosed in at the delivery point just as I requested”
John Maybury


“Your driver was so professional and efficient, just wanted to commend your driver on a great job”
Dennis Bell


“This was the first time I have ever had to have a vehicle towed, I was so impressed that your driver actually got out of the truck, introduced himself and shook my hand. He was very courteous and customer oriented and even my wife commented on how professional he was. I will definitely call you for all my towing needs”
Jeff Ellard


“Your driver was very nice and very helpful, he was fantastic and did an excellent job”
George Early


“I had a 1969 Chevy Camaro towed by your company and I was very impressed on how knowledgable and professional your driver was, great job” 
Jack Noson


"Your driver was very courteous and professional and got there quick" 

Mary Lou Green


"Your driver did a great job and took great care not to further damage my car"   

Shawna McDougal


"Your driver was very professional, patient and courteous"     

United Engines


" Your driver was very courteous and professional taking care not to damage my motorhome"    

Walter Gund


" I was broke down at Reasors and had recently suffered a stroke, your driver was very patient and helpful, he even helped me in and out of the wrecker. Just an all around great job"                               

Jean Conway


"Just wanted to let you know what great service i had with your company, Our truck broke down on Hwy 11, your wrecker not only showed up within 5 minutes of the expected arrival time but someone also called to let us know he was on our way. To make things even more complicated we were pulling a bumper pull camper. Your driver was so friendky and helpful and went above and beyond, we really appreciated his help! From now on we will only use Storey Wrecker for towing. Thank You!             

Christy Reynolds


" Your driver did a great job and knew exactly what he was doing"       

Darrren Foust


" I want to compliment your driver on his professionalism and cleanliness"    

Lloyd Palmer

* I just wanted you to know how much i appreciated your service when my husband and I were stranded in the storms on the Creek Turnpike in Broken Arrow. Your driver was extremely helpful and went out of his way to assist us. We thought that kind of service was all but gone in today's society. It was such a blessing to have been treated so kindly in our time of need.

Gary and Meredith Jones