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Release Items : Storey Wrecker : Tulsa, OK : 918-585-5571
What do you need to get your items released?

What do you need to get your items released?




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11222 E Pine St
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Tulsa, OK Map

775 N Redbud Ave #H
Broken Arrow, OK 74133

Release Items

If your vehicle has been impounded you will need the following items to establish ownership in order to pick up your vehicle once you arrive at our facility:

Title or current registration in your name and

A photo I.D. (Drivers License, State issued Id or passport)

Hold release if necessary… . 

* Current insurance verifcation

Please note that Insurance coverage does not prove ownership

In some instances if the police department has your vehicle impounded there may a HOLD placed on your vehicle in this case you will need to get a hold release from the police department and bring with you in order for us to release your vehicle. Please call in advance and we can check your vehicle to see if this step is necessary for you.

We understand that being in a vehicle accident or having your vehicle impounded is not something you may go through on a regular basis and it is our goal to be as helpful as we can to make this transaction as pleasant as possible.